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The Exploitronic Fringe #1

First episode of a new podcast where I look at the type of films I love: cult, horror, action, sci-fi, exploitation, grindhouse, eurofare, etc. This episode, I talk about Death Machines (1976); and in the VHSoteric segment, I review Return Fire: Jungle Wolf II (1988)! (24:57)



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The Comic Book Attic #214

Comics of My Youth Part 49 of 100.  This time, I look at Wonder Woman #10-12, Sgt. Rock #374, and 100 Page Super Spectacular #DC16.  (18:06)



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The Cinematic Attic #40

Movie memories of the year 2004 part 3 of 3.  (17:41)




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The Comic Book Attic #213

I talk about the new Kamandi Challenge Special #1 that finally reprints the two mostly unpublished issues of Kamandi's original series!  By default, I cover Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth #1.  In addition, I talk about Sandman #2 from the 1970s.  (18:25)



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The Comic Book Attic #212

I talk about my history reading Wonder Woman, while also looking at Wonder Woman #105 and 106.  (13:38)




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The Cinematic Attic Screening Room #27

What I watched through the end of 2016.  (18:59)




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The Comic Book Attic #211

Comics of My Youth Part 48 of 100.  In this episode, I talk about three Power Records comic/record sets: BR512 (Batman), PR13 (Fantastic Four), and PR20 (Beneath the Planet of the Apes); in addition, I talk about Transformers Comics Magazine #1 and Archie Comics Digest #34.   (22:31)

Power Records blog and podcast



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CBA A-Z #11

K is for Kobra #4.  (15:31)




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The Attic of Babel #1

A new podcast from Mike and Dan.  Every episode, we'll each list three things that irk the ever-lovin' crap out of us, followed by three things that make us happy to be alive. A fun, NSFW time is had by all. (56:39)





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