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Episode 3 is filled with more of the things we absolutely hate and things we unabashedly love.  NSFW. (1:25:49)


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My drive to and from Free Comic Book Day. I talk about what sale items I found, and I review recently read Marvel Graphic Novel #4. (16:13)



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Radio adventures of Superman and the Fantastic Four, plus a song and a brief look at The Official Index to the Fantastic Four #1. (39:24)



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What I watched in February into March.  (22:48)


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Comics of My Youth Part 54 of 100.  This time, I look at Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner #4, Doctor Strange #70, Captain America #304 & 319, and UFO Flying Saucers #13.  (24:23)


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Comics of My Youth Part 53 of 100.  In this chapter, I look at Fantastic Four #285 and 298, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #121, Spectacular Spider-Man #148, and Rawhide Kid #4.  Also, a song.  (26:01)

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Hi folks. After an unintentional month's break, the podcast will return later this week. Unexpected concentration on musical projects has kept me away. More on that later.

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We made it to a second episode!  Mike and Dan each again talk about three things that are hated and despised, as well as three things that are loved like puppies. NSFW, as if you couldn't guess.  (1:37:00)

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Comics of My Youth: Part 52 of 100.  The number 52 means DC, as I look at Batman #401-403, Our Fighting Forces #181, and DC Super Stars #1.  (19:14)



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