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some of my favorite comics 22

Invasion #3 from DC Comics.  Whe I was a kid, I walked into the grocery store one day with my family, and there on the magazine rack inside the door was Invasion #3.  I hadn't seen the first two issues before that (not that I recall, anyway), and this one made my young jaw drop.  All those heroes on the cover!  All those heroes inside!  United to face a global threat of alien invasion! So many ill in a full page shot of hospital beds!  I would hunker down there beside the rack and flip through the pages, so excited about this comic.  As I said, the magazine rack (more like shelves) was right beside the entrance to the store, and I remember many times hunched there getting a blast of cold air whenever someone entered the store in winter. I don't know if this was one of those times, but if it was, I wouldn't have noticed as entranced as I was.  I have since bought issues 1 and 2, but as yet haven't read them. 

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some of my favorite comics 21

Outlaws of the West #84 from Charlton Comics.  This was probably my first western comic; if not, it was my first Charlton western comic.  This issue was given to me (or traded for something) by a friend of mine back in grade school.  It's one of my favorite comics merely because of the memory/nostalgia of it; I remember little about the contents.  What stuck out to me at the time was the details of the Charlton printing when this comic was made: the colors were a bit blotchy and the bottoms of the pages sometimes had serrated cut patterns.  I also remember the western dialect used in the stories was heavy.  Overall, probably not a great comic, but it'll always stick in my mind affectionately.

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Comic Book Attic Extra #0

In this introductory Extra episode, I mention some recent buys, I am asked if "they still make comic books anymore," and I recommend a new podcast by a Comic Book Attic listener: Kirby Your Enthusiasm.  (5:26)

(Comic pictured is a recent dollar buy).

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