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some of my favorite comics 7 Superboy #180.  As any listener of the show knows, I have a weakness for the old Superman/Superboy comics.  This is another one of the first 100 or so comics I owned (and still do, of course).  It was bought at a yard sale with a handful of others.  This comic is a thrilling 48 pages (no small amount when you're a kid), with two fun Superboy tales and a Legion of Super-heroes reprint (probably the first Legion story I ever read, featuring the origin of Bouncing Boy).  Definitely sunshine-n-smiles memories over this one...
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I'm sure you've all heard by now that Arnold Drake, of Doom Patrol fame, and Marshall Rogers, noted for Batman and many more, have died.  Quite a few comics creators have passed away in the last 6 months.  Each time I hear of another, I tend to feel more sadness about them than a thousand Anna Nicoles.

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The Comic Book Attic #48

In this episode, I talk about Conan Annual #11, Wonder Woman(1st) #211, Spidey Super Stories #2 & #5, Pep #283, Ghost Manor #22, and All-Star Comics #68.  Plus, some recent buys.  (35:26) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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March's 30 comics have been read.  It has been terribly easy... Here's the final 10:

21. Silver Surfer(3rd) #37

22. Silver Surfer(3rd) #38

23. New Avengers #28

24. American Virgin #12

25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #1

26. Ultimate X-Men (Free Comic Book Day Edition) #1

27. Free Comic Book Day 2006 (X-Men/Runaways)

28. Birds of Prey #61

29. 52 #46

30. The Mod Squad #3

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The Comic Book Attic #47

I answer some questions you never asked.  There's a ComicsConfusion segment on Marvel Boy.  Also, I talk about Plastic Farm #7. (22:59) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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another 10 for March...

Wow, I'm really knocking down the comics for March.  30 this month will be no prob-o.  Here's another 10:

11. Silver Surfer(3rd) #34

12. Pep #283

13. Spidey Super Stories #2

14. Spidey Super Stories #5

15. Ghost Manor #22

16. All-Star Comics #68

17. (New) Invaders #1

18. Silver Surfer(3rd) #35

19. Silver Surfer(3rd) #36

20. 52 #45

And the little pic attached to this post should be the "album art" for the show on iTunes if I set it up right.  It's simple, but better than zilcho.

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The 30 comics-a-month challenge!  Here's the first 10 books I read:

1. Eternals('06) #7

2. 1963 Book 3: Tales of the Uncanny

3. Ballistic Imagery #1

4. Wildstorm Chamber of Horrors #1

5. Golden Comics Digest #34

6. Plastic Farm #7

7. Conan Annual #11

8. Wonder Woman(1st) #211

9. Plastic Farm #8

10. Plastic Farm #9

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The Comic Book Attic #46

This episode: Cool buys, introduction of the 30 comic plan, talk about Golden Comics Digest #34, request for questions, podcast & blog mentions, and a song by Adam Taylor. (26:14) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.


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Having technical difficulties with a new recording program on a new computer.  I can't seem to get the same quality sound...  Have no fear, there will be a new episode soon.  All my notes are ready, but the 'puter's not.  =sigh=
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some of my favorite comics 6 Avengers #275: The first issue of Avengers I bought fresh off the stands.  The Masters of Evil siege of Avengers mansion was an exciting storyline that I fell right in the middle of as a youngster.  This era of Avengers history is one of my favorites-- probably because it was a starting point for me, right?  Nevertheless, the key kick to the artwork for many years of the Avengers was the inking of Tom Palmer.  His finishes put a realism overtop anyone's pencils.  Buying this while young was a key reason why I am a huge Avengers fan today,
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