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In this episode, Mike and Dan talk about strange creatures of PA (especially the Squonk), the Loch Ness monster, and the bias inherent in investigating the unexplained.  NSFW!  (44:19)

Strange creatures of Pennsylvania


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Dan and Mike talk about their visit to the Kecksburg UFO Festival.  Dan makes fun of people.  That's pretty much it.  NSFW or the easily offended.  (29:54)

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Captions by Dan...

In this episode, Dan and Mike talk about the horrible grammar of local UFO reports! Mike talks about his experiences visiting supposedly haunted places! More tangents are had than a trigonometry class! "Jazz" becomes a winning word for Mike in the Apostrophe Z game!

This podcast contains language that your momma wouldn't like... and that's pretty much Dan's fault.  Enjoy!


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Attic of the Unexplained #2

In this long-overdue episode two, Mike and Dan talk about those moments of pause that made them take notice of certain unexplained phenomena.  Main topics include UFOs, ghosts, and Bigfoot.  In the course of the conversation, Mike recounts the creepy things that have happened to him. (1:29:28)

Some language may not be safe for oversensitive ears.



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Originally published in 2014.

Finally, the first episode has arrived, years after episode #0! Mike and Dan talk about what to expect in the podcast, our thoughts/beliefs on the unexplained, and some of our experiences. The main topic this time around is UFOs and Dan's visit to Kecksburg, PA, home to a legendary UFO incident. (37:45)

MUFON article

Kecksburg UFO festival/events


Near site of supposed crash...

Above photos by Dan.