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Mike and Dan once again convene to talk about three hated items and three beloved items. NSF effin' W. (1:50:35)



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Comics of My Youth Part 56 of 100.  In this installment, I look at Iron Man #48, 135, 145, 170, and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #79.  Also, I mention some recent pick ups, and I look a little bit more at Marvel's Legacy numbering.  (25:21)


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In this episode, Mike and Dan talk about strange creatures of PA (especially the Squonk), the Loch Ness monster, and the bias inherent in investigating the unexplained.  NSFW!  (44:19)

Strange creatures of Pennsylvania


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In this episode, I look at Thor #460 and 462.  I also revisit the topic of Marvel legacy numbering.  (24:57)

X-Ray Comics and Records


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Mike and Dan deliver another episode of three things they hate and three things they love.  Madness is had by all.  NSFW, of course.  (1:01:58)



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What I watched this year through April (yes, this is a little late).  (56:39)


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With this giant two-hour episode, I celebrate 11 years and 500 overall podcasts!  I talk about my comic book reading and filing habits, Marvel's legacy numbering, and the Supergirl TV show.  I also look at a slew of comics: Thunderbolts #7, 8; Showcase #97; Batman and the Outsiders #28; Fury of Firestorm #8-13; Secret Origins #1-4; War Machine #7; All-Star Squadron #9; Alpha Flight #15; and Star Brand #4, 5.  Add to that a radio adventure of Captain Midnight, songs, audio bits, and other odds and ends.  Enjoy! (2:00:00)


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