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The Comic Book Attic is officially 2 years old as of August 11, 2008.  I didn't mention it in the podcast, as it doesn't feel like a big deal anymore.  The 2nd year was not as fun as the first, and there were fewer episodes, but I'm still here.  Thanks to everyone who listens.

If you'd like to hear me ramble further about other stuff, you can do so here: The Cinematic Attic and here: The Attic Enigmatic .

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The Comic Book Attic #95

Contest results.  A Holy Crap! review of The Insiders: The Marijuana Mystery.  A Run With It! segment on Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #13.  (15:29) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.



Link to a PDF of The Insiders: The Marijuana Mystery:

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