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The Comic Book Attic #76

News.  Latest purchases.  Review of The Scorpion #1 and Atlas Comics.  Review of Son of Ambush Bug #3.  Gooba Mooba Kabooby Poo!  (23:49) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders. 


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The Comic Book Attic #-3

In this negative episode, I talk about Monster Mash, and then I share thoughts on Countdown, Justice Society of America, and Justice League of America. Plus, listener feedback and a song.  (29:53)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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Everyone's on YouTube these days... Even I have ended up there without trying.  If you have any inclination at all, you can hear me narrate a super-short nonsense clip starring JJ... Just follow this link:

For those of you hoping to see my words matched with my own moving face... sorry.  Maybe next time...
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More October reads.  I went way over my 30 goal.
(from 2007):
21.Wonder Man #3
22. Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1
23. Justice League of America #12
24. Countdown #30
25. Countdown #29
26. Countdown #28
27. Countdown #27
28. Zombie #4
29. New Avengers #35
30. Monster Mash
31. Uncle Scrooge (promo)
32. Little Archie, The House that Wouldn't Move 2007
33. Marvel Halloween Ashcan 2007
34. Giant-Size Marvel Adventures The Avengers #1
35. Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #1
36. Captain America #31
37. Brave & the Bold #7
38. Cable & Deadpool #35
39. Action Comics Annual #10
40. Transformers Movie Prequel (DVD promo)
41. Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland #1
(from 2006):
42. Zombie #1
43. Zombie #2
44. Doc Samson #1
45. Doc Samson #3
46. Sentinel #2
47. Friday the 13th Fearbook #1
48. JLA Classified #22
49. Invincible #29
50. Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told trade
51. Superman vs. Flash trade
52. Cosmic Powers #6 (1994)
53. Blue Devil #18 (1985)
54. Terra Obscura vol.2 #1 (2004)
55. Brat Pack #1 (1990)
56. Transformers: War Within: The Dark Ages #6 (2004)
57. Squadron Supreme: New World Order #1 (1998)
58. DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #4 (2005)
59. Champions #15 (1977)
60. Hitman #15 (1997)
61. Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #106 (1970)
62. Son of Ambush Bug #3 (1986)
63. Supernatural Thrillers #12 (1975)
64. Avengers: Celestial Quest #5 (2002)
65. The Scorpion #1 (1975)
66. Avengers: Infinity #3 (2000)
67. Freedom Fighters #14 (1978)
68. Laser Eraser and Pressbutton #2 (1985)
69. Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #10 (2004)
70. Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill #6 (2005)
71. Howard the Duck vol.2 #1 (2002)
72. Howard the Duck vol.2 #5 (2002)
73. Tom Strong #27 (2004)

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The Comic Book Attic #75

For my 75th episode, I give you an interview with Rafer Roberts, creator of Plastic Farm.  (30:38)  For those silly folks who still think certain combinations of sound waves from the human mouth are profane, this episode is not playroom or office-friendly.

Plastic Farm homepage.
Visit Ambrosia Publishing for free serialization of Plastic Farm.
Remember to email Rafer at the following address: rafer (at) plasticfarm (dot) com (put Free Plastic Farm in the subject line) to get a free issue of Plastic Farm!   Don't forget to include your mailing address.  And beware the bunnies...

As always, all accompanying cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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The Comic Book Attic #74

Latest Boston comics buying, plus other buys.  Listener feedback and other odds and ends... (19:13) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

Wikipedia entry on Million Year Picnic
Newbury Comics store
New England Comics store
Fanboy Face-Off podcast
Indie Comics News podcast
And for the new Marvel Noise and Indie Comic Book Noise podcasts, visit

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The Comic Book Attic #73

JJ guests as we talk about Forever People #8 from 1972.  Then JJ contributes a long segment in which he talks about (Wally West series)Flash #5, (Marvel's) Transformers #16, and Fantasy Masterpieces vol.2 #5.  (28:58)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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update on show schedule

Not being able to post the podcast whenever I feel like it has thrown it off schedule-- as you may have noticed.  For those who'd like to know, episode 73 and 74 (and possibly 75) will (hopefully) appear Oct. 13th.  I will try to get something out before then, but I know that day will place me in a computerized place.  Rural life is a pain sometimes... okay, a lot of the time.  The bright side is that when I do get to post, you'll get 2 or 3 episodes at once, and you can use the delay until the next batch to catch up with those.  It equals out...
To give you a hint of what's to come, episode 73 will feature guest JJ with a back issue review plus a new segment by JJ, episode 74 will feature the typical back issue review and other bits, and 75 will feature my first comic creator guest co-host/interviewee.  That shall be a surprise.  Episode 76 will feature a special bit on some instances of comic censorship and controversy throughout the last 20 years.  All this is subject to reshuffling, but it will all get out there regardless.
(And for those of you who may be wondering how I can be posting this blog piece and not a show-- this computer at work, for whatever reason, can't upload the files.  I think there is some type of security against it...  But, perhaps I can keep you all entertained with blog posts until the 13th...)

Accompanying this post is rejected CBA iTunes artwork.  You can, of course, see what I actually use by visiting iTunes (or by paging back through the blog where I introduce it).

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The Comic Book Attic #72

In this episode, I talk about recent purchases, I review The Defenders Annual #1, and I play a song. (28:24) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.


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5. Avengers: Infinity #2 (2002)
6. Super Patriot: War on Terror #1 (2004)
7. Troubleman #2 (1996)
8. Countdown #32 (2007)
9. Countdown #31 (2007)
10. Avengers: Celestial Quest #2 (2001)
11. Avengers: Celestial Quest #3 (2002)
12. Avengers: Celestial Quest #4 (2002)
13. Supernatural Thrillers #10 (1974)
14. Marvel Comics Presents #1 (2007)
15. World War Hulk #4 (2007)
16. The Sandman Presents: Thessaly: Witch for Hire #1 (2004)
17. The Walking Dead vol.1: Days Gone Bye
18. Jungle Girl #0 (2007)
19. Captain America #30 (2007)
20. Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #8 (1973)
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