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I have gotten started on May's 30 comics reads.  Here they are so far:

1. The Brave and the Bold ('07) #3

2. X-Factor ('06) #18

3. The Avengers (v.3) #64

4. The Ray #13

5. Justice Society of America ('06) #5

6. 52 #51

7. Marvel's Greatest Comics: Fantastic Four #52 (2006 reprint special)

8. X-Men Annual ('93) #2

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some of my favorite comics 8

Marvel Super-heroes Secret Wars #4. Two words: Hulk.  Mountain. 

Happy goosebumps appear as a youngster-- heck, still as an adult-- while looking at the scene of Hulk holding up a mountain while the other heroes (trapped under there with him) devise a method of escape.  The heroes working together is nice to see... much better than watching them tear each other apart as they seem to do in civil wars these days...

This series is a favorite of mine, as is the much maligned sequel series.  I own all issues of both series.  But this issue tops the other individual issues, however, because of the Hulk-meets-mountain scenario.  I got this issue as part of a three pack of Secret Wars issues in the late 1980s from Value City.  Oh, the memories...

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The Comic Book Attic #52

This episode: A declaration of purpose.  Back issue reviews of Marvel Premiere #58, Captain America Annual #5, Life with Archie #50, The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #109, and All-Star Squadron #1.  Reviews of Plastic Farm #10, 11, & 12.  ComicsConfusion on the Superboy / Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes / Legion of Super-heroes / Tales of the Legion of Super-heroes series. 

The Comic Book Attic is listed on Podcast Alley.  Vote if you like... or take that minute and relax in the sun.  Your choice.  (33:51)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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Here's my remaining reads to reach 30 for this month:

25. 52 #49

26. The New Avengers #29

27. The Avengers(v.3) #57

28. The Avengers(v.3) #67

29. The Avengers(v.3) #68

30. 52 #50

...And I went through with reducing my pull list by dropping 3 Marvels: New Avengers, X-Factor, and Captain America.  These are just a few of the comics I have quit over the last few months-- partially due to financial reasons and partially due to disgust over Civil War.  I really hated to quit X-Factor; that was more of an economic cut. 

I will tell you some good Marvel reading, however: I picked up Essential Amazing Spider-man vol.1.  I have read many of the stories within this book, but there are still plenty of great stories I haven't read.  Ditko does some fine work, of course, but I was really digging the short Spidey story that Jack Kirby draws at the end of one of the issues. 

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The Comic Book Attic #51

JJ and I record from his home.  He talks about Amazing Spider-man #539, Detective Comics #831, and Alf #26.  Then we both talk about Flash('87) #1 & 2.  Also, a short song.  (40:11)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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Check out Comics Podcast Crossover #13, "The Other Ten Percent."  I make a contribution about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Link to the show:

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The Comic Book Attic #50

Episode 50!!!  Join the fun as I feature audio comments and reviews by my wife, Jessica; Dan; JJ; Pat; and Bruce from KomicsKast.  I talk about my brief time (and comic-buying) in North Carolina.  I do a big back issue review of Superman Family #167, Bruce tackles a Marvel Boy story from the Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Heroes, and Pat talks about Robin #156.  Fun is had by all.  Huzzah.  This episode contains a few words that are generally not considered polite in all company.  You see, some folks are afraid of words.  Silly humans... (42:50) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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I am back from N.C. Expect show #50 in a few days.  I'll report on the trip in that episode; meanwhile, I read a lot of comics while there.  Let's add them to April, shall we:

6. Painkiller Jane (V.2) #0

7. Plastic Farm #10

8. Plastic Farm #11

9. Plastic Farm #12

10. 52 #48

11. Captain America Annual #5

12. All-Star Squadron #1

13. Stylish Vittles book 2

14. The Flash(Wally) #204

15. The Flash(Wally) #206

16. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005

17. The Amazing Spider-Man #539

18. Life with Archie #50

19. The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #109

and a few other non-beach reads:

20. Marvel Premiere #58

21. Justice Society of America(1991) #4

22. New X-Men #152

23. Donald Duck (2006 Halloween giveaway)

24. The Brave and the Bold('07) #2

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another odd Lois pic...
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first 5 of april

Here's the first 5 reads of April:

1. The Silver Surfer(3rd) #44

2. X-Factor(current) #17

3. 52 #47

4. Justice Society of America(current) #4

5. Superman Family #167

And speaking of Superman Family #167, here's an oddball scene from a Lois Lane story in which she must be in contact with liquid every hour or she dies... All I can say is ewwwwwww.... (more pics forthcoming...)

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