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The Comic Book Attic #117

I look at the first appearance of Codename: Assassin in 1st Issue Special #11, and I look at a crazy old romance comic: Heart Throbs #89.  (23:18)

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For all of you Blackest Night fans, follow this link and you'll find an mp3 for a song from 1969 called "Black Lantern" by Caesar and his Romans. It's not too bad, actually.
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A couple bits of news about the podcast:

The next episode will be out over Thanksgiving.  I've also recorded bits for a couple more episodes.

I have gone through and tried to delete the spam comments from the blogpage, for those of you who read the comments.

A few months back, I also went back through the past episodes and tried to update some of the links and embed videos formerly only linked to.

I'm going to toss in more old radio shows into the negative numbered episodes.

Finally, and most importantly, I will be reposting all the CBA content sloooooowly on The Attic of Babel page.  Eventually, all podcasts I do will be available on that one page.  (Don't worry, for the foreseeable future, this CBA blogpage will still exist.) 
The fun part of this is that I plan on doing a supplemental comic podcast for that page alongside each reposted CBA episode.  Consider it a commentary/update/further info podcast.  I shall call it CBA Postscript.

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I didn't know him well, but from the small amount of contact we did have over the past couple years, I will very much miss his enthusiasm and opinions, his podcasting voice, his support, and his friendly demeanor. 

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The Comic Book Attic #116

In this episode, I talk about Star Trek comics, including a look at Star Trek #37 (1987).  I also go over recent finds.  (28:15)
The Attic of Babel
Fulton County Library Podcast

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The Comic Book Attic #115

I finish the Run With It! segment on Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth, looking at issues 42-49, 51-59.  (29:06)

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