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The Comic Book Attic #100

The big 100th episode, featuring a Silver Age Superman Review of Action Comics #338 and contributions from many podcasters, friends, and listeners, including a comics quiz and a review of Harvey Pop Comics (Rock Happening) #2.  One might call it a jamboree.  (55:27)  For those silly folks who still think certain combinations of sound waves from the human mouth are profane, this episode is not playroom or office-friendly.  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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Here's a link to a former blog entry for The Amazing Spider-Man paperback book reprinting the first several issues of that title, as well as Amazing Fantasy #15:
As the entry says, this is where I first read Spidey's first several issues, although I had previously read the origin story elsewhere.  I remember being a kid in the family vehicle reading this little paperback full of old Spider-Man stories.  Fond memories are wrapped up in the first appearances of Doc Ock, Lizard, The Tinkerer, and Sandman... and it was in color, unlike many other paperback reprints.
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The Comic Book Attic #99

A monster Run With It! segment as I look at Brave and the Bold #s 117, 119, 125, 132, 140, 152, 166, 173, 177, 180, 182, and 183.  (41:49)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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Just a few videos that might interest folks who listen to the Attic...

Some golden age goodness:

Jack Kirby interview:

or how about a Jack Kirby cameo on the old Incredible Hulk TV show:

A fan talks about Silver Age comics:

Finally, try this video featuring, um, corporal punishment in old Superman comics:

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