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The Comic Book Attic #190

Some recent comic book gifts from England.  A look at Superman: The Secret Years #3 and Earth X #0,1.  (22:06)



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The Comic Book Attic #189

Comics of My Youth Part 37 of 100.  This time, I look at five more issues of Silver Surfer (vol.3) with #7-11.  (18:51)


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The Cinematic Attic Screening Room #20

What I've been watching.  (20:58)

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The Cinematic Attic #32

Movie memories from the year 2002, part 1 of 3.  (16:38)

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Attic of Future Present #3

In this episode, I talk about a podcast and two DC comics: Superman: Lois and Clark #8 and Green Arrow #52.  (10:53)

Mike M's Spotlight #2 link

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The Comic Book Attic #188

In this episode: FedEx delivery fun.  Astonishing Tales #27.  Plastic Farm: Fertilizer, An Interlude in Three Aprils. (19:18)

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