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The Comic Book Attic #57

This episode: The 52 code?  A look at the comics featured in the Some of My Favorite Comics blog feature (including Marvel Super-heroes Secret Wars #4, Superboy #180, Avengers #131 & 275, The Brave and the Bold #197, New Mutants #41, Captain America #224, and DC Comics Presents #97).  Recommendations. (28:13) All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.
The Golden Years
The Comic Web

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Nothing more than a few more links that I will mention in the next I don't forget them...
Indie Spinner Rack
Fanboy Radio
Garage Rock Radio
State of Mynd

More June reads:
20. Batman: Gotham Knights #6
21. Captain Universe/Silver Surfer #1
22. Journey into Mystery(1970s) #17

Upcoming podcasts: another big Mighty Crusaders episode, a Transformers episode, and hopefully more What's That About?!

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In CBA #57, I will be mentioning more comic-related links for you to check out.  I'm getting a jump on the work of posting the links to these puppies:
Silver Age Comics blog
Dial B for Blog blog
Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine blog

For old record enthusiasts like me, there's 60's garage rock at Garage Hangover and odd/rare recordings at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.
For Pearl Jam fans (like me), there's a podcast for you: Given to Cast.

Finally, as you probably already know, IMDB is essential for any movie viewer.

Also, here are more June reads way ahead of time...
4. G.I. Combat #250
5. Countdown #51
6. Countdown #50
7. Justice League of America('06) #9
8. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #2
9. American Virgin #1
10. American Virgin #13
11. American Virgin #14
12. Breach #7
13. Civil War: The Confession #1 (I might add: I got this for 35cents)
14. Laughing Boy Comics Special- Free Comic Book Day
15. The Ultimates 2 #2
16. The Ultimates 2 #6
17. JLA #102
18. JLA #103
19. Action Comics #823

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The Comic Book Attic #56

In this episode, I briefly talk about Spider-man 3 before recounting my adventures (and comic-buying) in NYC and Massachusetts.  Also, listener feedback. (29:09)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  

Links to places mentioned in the episode:
Jim Hanley's Universe
Midtown Comics
New England Comics
Loony Toonz (article about store)

New Bedford Whaling Museum
Old Sturbridge Village

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a 52 connection?














I began reading the Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-ups trade, and in the very first DC multiverse crossover story, when the two Flashes meet, we see that Barry Allen visits Jay Garrick at his home address: 5252 78th Street!  We can even see the 5252 on the door.  I find it funny and too crazy of a coincidence that not only was Jay's address "52" but "5252" !!!! Make of it what you will.  Am I the only one to discover this?  Anyone else see this before now?

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The Comic Book Attic #55

In this episode, I review The Plain Janes.  Also, a Holy Crap! review of Wonder Book of Rubber, a 1964 promotional comic from B.F. Goodrich. (27:10)  Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  (This episode's cover image is from an unknown ebay dealer.)

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Any listeners from NYC?  I just wanted to let all 3 1/2 people who might be interested know that I will be in New York City at Midtown Comics (Times Square) on Saturday, May 19, sometime during the day.  (I really can't predict the time, sorry).  So, if you'd like to say "hi," don't be shy!  I'll just be milling about looking for stuff to buy.  I'll probably be there for an hour or two.  Don't know what I look like?  Scroll down the page.  I'm the weird lookin' fella (and the only one in the picture). 

More June reads:
2. Batman and the Outsiders #17
3. Batman and the Outsiders #18

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The Comic Book Attic #54

A hodge-podge.  I talk about Free Comic Book Day, review Batman and the Outsiders #17 & 18, mention some podcasts, and play a song.  (24:35) Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

Podcast links:

Phantom Power

Amazing Spider-Cast

Other links:
Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics

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where I first read old spidey issues I had mentioned this in the last show as the paperback book in which I first read the original first 6 Spider-man issues as a kid.  (There was apparently a follow-up book with next half-dozen issues also.) Thought you folks might want to see what I was talking about... 
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may / june reads











I'm ahead in the pledged reading for the month, but it hasn't been causing my number of unread comics to go down any... for every 5 I read, I buy 10 more cheap comics... Oh, well.  It's fun to try.  Most of the first 20-something comics read this month were newer comics languishing in my boxes.  I was trying not to backlog the amount of older comics I review.  Stay tuned for an announcement on that in the podcast for June... the tweaking of the podcast never ends...
Anyway, here are the final reads for May... I'll work on some trades for the rest of the month...
23. Exiles #29
24. Free Comic Book Day Family Guy / Hack/Slash
25. Archie's Mysteries #30
26. Batman #616
27. Dutchy Digest Free Comic Book Day 2007
28. Wonder Book of Rubber('64?)
29. Hawkman('02) #19
30. The Plain Janes
...And here's the first one for June:
1. Black Knight: Exodus #1

And here's another pic of me so that you can put a face to the voice.  I always think that's fun-- and 9 times out of 10, the face doesn't match the mental picture... Photo manipulation by JJ... I call it Karate LSD Boogaloo.

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