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I'm ahead in the pledged reading for the month, but it hasn't been causing my number of unread comics to go down any... for every 5 I read, I buy 10 more cheap comics... Oh, well.  It's fun to try.  Most of the first 20-something comics read this month were newer comics languishing in my boxes.  I was trying not to backlog the amount of older comics I review.  Stay tuned for an announcement on that in the podcast for June... the tweaking of the podcast never ends...
Anyway, here are the final reads for May... I'll work on some trades for the rest of the month...
23. Exiles #29
24. Free Comic Book Day Family Guy / Hack/Slash
25. Archie's Mysteries #30
26. Batman #616
27. Dutchy Digest Free Comic Book Day 2007
28. Wonder Book of Rubber('64?)
29. Hawkman('02) #19
30. The Plain Janes
...And here's the first one for June:
1. Black Knight: Exodus #1

And here's another pic of me so that you can put a face to the voice.  I always think that's fun-- and 9 times out of 10, the face doesn't match the mental picture... Photo manipulation by JJ... I call it Karate LSD Boogaloo.

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