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Tue, 27 September 2011 excellent imported DVD documentary set


Mon, 24 October 2011 short film featuring music from my band


Thu, 26 January 2012 moving/next episode
I've spent the last month moving and getting settled in my new home. I have recorded a new episode of The Cinematic Attic, and it awaits editing. Stay tuned...


Mon, 26 March 2012 note on episode 24
Episode 24 will not be as planned. I recorded it as a look back over the past 23 episodes, but I really had nothing new to say, so I scrapped it. Instead, it will be a giant what-I've-been-watching episode. Then, episode 25 will debut the new format.


Sun, 24 June 2012 JJ stars in short film Last Light
Occasional co-host JJ in his short film debut:


Fri, 25 January 2013 great artifact found on YouTube
A fun old interview about the original Amityville Horror movie and an amazing visual example of James Brolin looking like Christian Bale.


Wed, 10 November 2010 podcasts
This is a placeholder overview of all the podcasts available from Mike Pindell. This placeholder will be updated when new podcasts are added. On The Comic Book Attic page, you can find: The Comic Book Attic: a podcast about old comics Comics on Wheels: a podcast about what new comics are picked up on new comic day The Comic Book Attic Audio Theatre: a podcast spotlighting comic-related audio, including old time radio Promotional Comics Spotlight: a podcast focusing on comics created to sell you a product, service, or idea Far-Out Sounds from the Six-Panel Grid: a podcast about old comics in six parts, including various audio clips Comic Book Attic Extra: a supplementary podcast to the main Comic Book Attic podcast On The Attic of Babel page, you can find: The Attic Enigmatic: a podcast about me and anything I want to talk about The Stereoplanetary Attic: a podcast about my band and its music Fulton County Library Podcast: a local podcast containing library announcements and an old time radio show Attic of the Unexplained: a podcast about the unknown and the unusual


Mon, 23 July 2012 favorite movie music 1
Oliver Onions- "Black Inferno" from Raiders of Atlantis (or various other title variations).


Mon, 23 July 2012 favorite movie music 2
House by the Cemetery theme


Mon, 23 July 2012 favorite movie music 3
Mark Lindsay & W. Michael Lewis - Lone Wolf's Theme (Shogun Assassin)


Sun, 19 May 2013 favorite movie music 4
From Warriors of the Wasteland/New Barbarians...


Mon, 20 May 2013 favorite movie music 5
Betrayal- Tangerine Dream from Sorcerer...

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Thu, 14 October 2010 2 good videos showing the evils of full screen videos ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCT. 29, 2009. I can't believe people still need to be educated about this. I was in the video store the other month, and I overheard a guy talking about how much he hated widescreen. By the guy's words, I could tell he really didn't know what it was. He thought widescreen was stretched with the top and bottom of the picture missing. He was obviously one of those obnoxious people who cares not a bit about art anyway, so explaining things to him would have likely been a lost cause. But let me just declare it here, because it can't be said enough for all the people out there who prefer full screen versions of movies made in widescreen (which is most movies from the last 50 years): Widescreen is the WHOLE picture, as the director intended. Full screen is missing half of the picture; fake camera pans are inserted; it's awful. Widescreen is the real deal. If those black bars on the top and bottom of your screen bother you, I encourage you to get over it. Here are two videos that demonstrate what I'm saying.


Thu, 14 October 2010 Halloween bash
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCT. 30, 2009. My bandmates and I are having a Halloween get-together to eat lots of food and watch horror movies. I've lined up a double feature of Suspiria and Theatre of Blood. Here are the trailers:


Thu, 14 October 2010 check out this fabulous and tragic short documentary: The Archive


Fri, 15 October 2010 I can. not. wait. for this...


Fri, 15 October 2010 I can not wait for this either...


Fri, 15 October 2010 fun short film about record collectors


Fri, 15 October 2010 have you seen The Road?
In the movie The Road (now out on video), you may remember a few scenes around the beginning where they are on an abandoned highway and near a tunnel. The locations they used for those scenes are near my town. Here's a photo (taken by JJ) and a link to a great website about the location:


Fri, 15 October 2010 my video collection, in two parts
The first half of my collection, in storage. These are videos I've watched.

The second half, consisting of videos I haven't watched.


Wed, 10 November 2010 trailers
Trailers for the films discussed in episode 19:

Also, here's the trailer for the film talked about in Extra #1:

...and in Extra #2:

And as a bonus, here are the trailers for the films that will be discussed in episode #20:


Mon, 28 March 2011 excuses, excuses... Just wanted to let listeners know that all is well. March has been one of the most intensely busy months I've weathered at work. An entire week could pass without my computer even getting powered on. I have, however, been able to record bits while driving that can be put together later. April looks a lot more relaxed, and I'll have some time off to podcast.

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Thu, 19 June 2008 by JJ


Sun, 13 July 2008 next two movies The two movies I'll be talking about in the next two episodes are Snuff Bottle Connection (1977) and Escape 2000 (aka Turkey Shoot) (1982). If you'd like to watch them beforehand, feel free. Here are the trailers for Snuff Bottle Connection: X
and Escape 2000:

Also, I found the trailer for past movie Hud:X


Mon, 14 July 2008 Rudolph Valentino's Rolls
My friend JJ and I went to Luray, VA, this past weekend. Went to the caverns/maze/car museum there. It was the second visit for me. Got a pic of Valentino's car in the museum. Thought it might be of interest to cinema fans out there... Photo by JJ.


Sun, 20 July 2008 short delay on new episodes
Libsyn is experiencing problems. There has been trouble uploading files today, and I have 2 new Cinematic Attic podcasts ready for posting. Furthermore, I have found myself unable to download the past 4 episodes all of a sudden. So, hopefully, this'll be cleared up soon.


Thu, 28 August 2008 quick note
I hope to record the next episode this weekend. The review will have to be a surprise. I also plan to record a negative numbered episode and post it prior to a new proper episode. (Those familiar with The Comic Book Attic format know what I mean).


Fri, 5 September 2008 quick note 2
Okay, so the Labor Day holiday held up the completion of the new episode. It will be on the way soon... In it, I'll be talking about a 1972 TV movie, Strangers in 7A.


Fri, 24 October 2008 trail, trial trailer
Here is the trailer for The Trial, which will be talked about in the next episode: X


Wed, 5 November 2008 contributions welcome
Anyone interested in contributing a regular (or irregular) segment to The Cinematic Attic, feel free to email me at cinematicattic (at) Subject matter is open to movies (and topics concerning movies) 20+ years old.


Sun, 21 December 2008 trailer for next episode's film
I wasn't expecting for one moment to find a potential review when I sat down to watch this David Hasselhoff vehicle (no pun intended for Knight Rider fans), but what I experienced was the most hilariously bad movie I've seen in a while. It's a howling-on-the-floor good time-- that is, when it's not offending ethnic groups left and right! Here's a trailer to Bail Out (also known as W.B., Blue & The Bean) from 1989: I'll be discussing it further in episode 10, out soon. (Before that, I'll also be releasing episode -2).


Tue, 23 December 2008 two of my favorite things in one video Buster Keaton montage to the music of Radiohead. This is an amazing and excellent video:


Wed, 14 January 2009 watch Threads
Here's a link to where you can watch the stark British nuclear bomb movie, Threads (1984): It's one of the films I'll be talking about in a future episode.


Sat, 28 March 2009 if you like good music, try this
I encourage everyone who likes music to take a listen to the -1 episode of The Stereoplanetary Attic podcast. We take a track-by-track look at the debut EP from Adam Taylor, one of my top five favorite musicians.


Tue, 26 May 2009 trailer for next episode's movie
Episode 15 will feature Kingdom of the Spiders (1977). Trailer: X


Sun, 14 June 2009 The Cinematic Attic is moving
The Cinematic Attic will be moving to The Attic of Babel podcast page. It will be joining all my other podcasts there in one central account, with the exception of The Comic Book Attic. The episodes will be moved gradually over the next couple months. Once all are moved, this page will be deleted. If you subscribe to the podcast, you will want to resubscribe at the new site once all the old episodes are reposted (unless, of course, you felt like hearing them again... nah, didn't think so). This is an effort to save time and money in the long run, yet still keep my various podcasts alive. For more details, click here:


Thu, 14 October 2010 holy crap.
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCT. 22, 2009. You gotta love those VHS covers of the '80s. This is a recent find at a flea market, although I already own the film in a DVD multi-pack. Had to have this cover! The movie's on-screen title is Legacy of Blood.


Thu, 14 October 2010 for a future Cinematic Attic review...
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCT. 29, 2009. I may talk about this film on the next Cinematic Attic podcast with Kingdom of the Spiders, or I may save it for the following episode. Enjoy the trailer for Don't Answer the Phone! (1980).

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Mon, 19 May 2008 if only this film still existed... would be morbidly entertaining, I think...


Tue, 10 June 2008 for next episode
Whenever possible, I will post the movies I'll be talking about in the next episode so that you can watch them if you like. In episode 5, I'll be talking about Hud from 1963(since I used it's pic in ep.3, why not?) and 1985's Keeping Track. Here's a link to the trailer for Keeping Track:

While I'm at it, here are trailers for past reviewed films: Gumnaam:


Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things:


The Ghost of Frankenstein:

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Wed, 23 January 2008 Welcome to The Cinematic Attic
H'lo. To those of you who listen to my main podcast, The Comic Book Attic, thanks for trying this one too. To everyone else, nice to meet you. The plan and details concerning this podcast will be covered in the upcoming episode #0; however, I expect it to be a twice-monthly podcast all about cult movies, B-movies, explotation movies, arthouse movies, and all other older, obscure adventures in genre film. The Cinematic Attic blogpage will be (I hope) an active place too, with lots of info and lists of films I've seen (with comments). Thanks, Mike Pindell

Mon, 17 March 2008 update
Hi, folks. It looks like the usual frequency of this podcast will be monthly, so I will try to make the shows longer or split a longer show into two shorter ones. Episode 2 will be out by the end of March. Now that my internet service has returned, I also plan to have The CA on iTunes by the end of the month. Meantime, give my favorite movie podcast a try: Mondo Movie. You can also try Movie Noise (and Cinerama) and Cinemaslave.

Mon, 19 May 2008 I've been YouTubed. I feel icky inside.
Here's a link to a one of my friend JJ's YouTube vids that features yours truly:

Nothing special, but I thought it might be fun to see my surprise at suddenly being told I'm well-maintained... what does that mean, anyway?!

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