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If you were a kid in the 70s/80s, book and record sets were fun because everytime you heard a chime it gave you permission to turn pages.  How authoritarian! Of course, the only thing better than a book and record set was a COMIC book and record set.  When I was very young and listening to my grandparents' big floor model record player, I'd occasionally get comic book/record sets to listen to.  At some point, someone gave me Star Trek: Passage to Moauv, and I enjoyed listening to it many times. I probably haven't heard it since I was a kid, but it is still stored with my collection, joined by many other comic book/record sets.  Considering my later love of Star Trek, this one deserves to be dug out of storage and re-experienced.  If you'd like to experience some of these sets (and find mp3s of the records), here's a link you might want to try:

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some of my favorite comics 19 The Sensational She-Hulk #7 was the first issue of this series I picked up at a local gas station when I was young.  The depiction of an old Marvel monster on the cover made me buy it.  Once I read it, the book was a revelation.  The old fourth-wall-breaking gag was in full effect as part of this book's makeup.  John Byrne was having tons of fun being humorous with the readers as She-Hulk would talk to them and integrate conventions of the comic book into her story. 
It was also fun to see semi-obscure characters given something to do, as U.S.1 (from his own short-lived series), Razorback (from old Spidey comics), Blonde Phantom (a golden age character), and Xemnu the Titan (the old Marvel monster who also appeared in issue of Incredible Hulk and The Defenders) all played a part in the tale.
I couldn't afford to keep buying this title at the time, but I have since sought out and read most of the rest of Byrne's She-Hulk issues.  He worked on #1-8, then took about 20 issues off before returning to do another 20 issues. 
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If you listen to any of my other podcasts besides The Comic Book Attic, they're moving.  Follow the link below for details:

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The Comic Book Attic #109

An extended Run With it! segment, examining the run of Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth (issues 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 37) and finishing my look at the run of Brave and the Bold (with issues 186, 187, 188, 193).  Also, an interesting Iron Man/Machine Man connection. (47:58)

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The Comic Book Attic #108

In this episode, I go over recent finds and then take you on a tour of a random box of comics I have in storage.  (35:46)

Beyond Comics

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