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The Comic Book Attic #29

In this episode, I welcome special guest Dan who helps usher in a new segment: a game called What's That About?!  Also, I mention comic-related stuff I got for Christmas, and I give a Holy Crap! review of Your First Budgie.  Finally, a bit of music.  Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  This episode's pic is from an unknown ebay seller. (33:54)

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The Comic Book Attic #28

In this non-Christmas episode, I begin with some corrections and apologies, then launch into a "lost episode" section reviewing DCU: Brave New World #1, Exiles #83, and Fantastic Four #538.  Finally, a new review of Action Comics #845.  Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  (31:25)

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The Comic Book Attic now has its own email account because I don't want to unintentionally delete any of your mails that could get delivered into the massive spam folder at the desolationbliss account.  The desolationbliss account was an old account that I was using for the show; however, The Comic Book Attic deserves its own address!  Here it is:

Simpler, right?

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happy holidays from the comic book attic

As the holidays will most surely keep me busy, in case I don't have time to say so later, Happy Holidays from The Comic Book Attic.

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Besides my normal new books, I got a stack of back issues during an all day comic shopping excursion with JJ.  Some of the booty:

The Mighty Crusaders (1980s) #3,4; Cerebus Jam #1; a pile of Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes issues; a pile of old Justice League of America issues; The Comet #1,2; Marvel Superheroes #20; The Phantom (from King Comics) #20; and lots more than I want to type in-- about 30-35 comics in all. 

I was buying JJ comics as his Christmas gift, and I helped him pick out a few.  He got about 20-25 comics.  We drove to a comics shop we had never been to, and boy, did they have back issues... then we drove to a nearby antique/flea building to buy more comics.  Add a happy lunch at Friendlys, and you have one good day.  I also found a few X-mas gifts for the wife... which is good; I am woefully not prepared for the holiday...

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The Comic Book Attic #27

An all-Mighty Crusaders episode with a Holy Crap! review of The Mighty Crusaders #2 & 3 from the 1960s.  All  cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders. (42:24)

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Nearly all the books I'm about to mention are superhero titles, which is not indicitive of my overall reading tastes.  I like everything from the most unheard of indie comics to Uncle Scrooge.  My heart just grew up with superheroes... and you may be able to tell that I grew up Marvel... but I did read an indie trade in the past couple weeks that I enjoyed: the first volume of Stylish Vittles.

Currently on my pull list: Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, X-Factor, Captain America, Fantastic Four, New Avengers, & Astonishing X-Men.  Limited series on my list: 52, Civil War, Civil War: Front Line, Agents of Atlas, All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z, and Nextwave: Agents of HATE.

I recently dropped Thunderbolts and She-Hulk in order to add Comics Revue magazine, which reprints old newspaper strips.  I predict another drop or two as I want to buy more back issues from the golden and (mainly) silver age...

Comics I am currently buying off the stands for a short time only for various reasons: Amazing Spider-man (for Civil War), Eternals (limited series), Fables (I'm going to get trades instead), and Newuniversal (I just want to see what Ellis does with it-- especially Spitfire, my favorite of the old New Universe).

I've also picked up some random reads, like the Marvel Milestones: Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate X-Men, Microman, & Mantor special (mainly for the 2 golden age reprints) and The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe.  Also, I got Annihilation: Nova #4 because I heard it contains the death of Quasar, who I like.  Yes, it does contain that, much to my chagrin and dislike.

I regularly get Wizard and Comics Buyer's Guide.

Back issues I read recently: Legion of Superheroes #280 & 281 (from 1981). 

Currently in the middle of these books:  the second volume of Stylish Vittles, a stack of Plastic Farm issues, and the huge Incredible Hulk #100 (present series).

I am still forgetting a lot, but it's late. 

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As Christmas nears, the radio has been invaded by Christmas music, and as the notes of "We Three Kings" fill the air, I am thinking of three kings of the comic industry who have passed away over the past weeks.  Jerry Bails, herald of comic fandom.  Dave Cockrum, artist whose contributions to the X-Men were integral.  Martin Nodell, golden age artist and creator of the original Green Lantern.  The heirs to these three kings owe them much.
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The Comic Book Attic #26

Back issue reviews of The Bull Calf and Other Tales, Atom and Hawkman #42, Life With Archie #52, and The Original Shield #1 & 2!  Pat returns with a review of Action Comics #844!  Special review of Plastic Farm #2 &3!  Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  (24:06)

The Comic Book Attic is now on iTunes!

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The Comic Book Attic #25

The not-as-big-as-planned 25th episode: Comic buying in Georgia!  Premiere of the ComicsConfusion segment featuring the 40s/50s Captain Americas!  My friend Pat reviews A Tale of One Bad Rat!  My 2 Pennies segment on the tired subject of delayed books!  A few comics I wish weren't cancelled!  And a song from my band!  Any cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders. (43:56)

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