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The Comic Book Attic Audio Theatre #3

Again, after a long wait, a new episode.  Featuring radio adventures of Superman and the Fantastic Four plus two comic-related songs. (42:39)

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The Comic Book Attic #142

In this episode, I take a look at Previews #1 from the late '80s and talk about comics that came out at that time.  Also, T. Mafia from Podcast X contributes a review of Secret Wars II #5. (Note: This episode contains explicit language.) (36:40)

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The Comic Book Attic #141

In this episode, I chronicle my Black Friday comic-buying adventure.  Also, I play a segment recorded over a month ago regarding what I read in September, with passing comments on Strange Tales vol. 2 #17, 18, 19, JLA #13, 14, and Mad Super Special #108.  (31:17)

(The comic pictured is a recent comic buy with a 1945 war bond cover.)

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The Comic Book Attic #140

In this episode, I drive and talk about recent buys, my current thoughts on Final Crisis, my take on digital comics, and my new status with the DCU.

Links mentioned:
Final Crisis as modernism/post-modernism?
Final Crisis annotations


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I have a new episode recorded, and it will be posted soon.  I'll be recording another episode talking about comics I read this past month of September.  I beat my personal record (of 142) for comics in one month by reading 153.  I know, I know, some of you may read more than that in a month regularly, but it is a chore for me to find the time usually.

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August 11 marked the 6th anniversary of The Comic Book Attic.  I will record an episode soon, folks.  Meanwhile, I found these documentaries available on YouTube (at least for now) that you might enjoy:

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The Comic Book Attic #139

In this short episode, I talk about recent super-hero movies and The Mighty Crusaders #13.  (14:13)

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Comic Book Attic Extra #4

In this brief episode, I talk about the state of the podcast.  Also, thanks and recommendations.  (9:04)

Comic Book Noise

Kirby Your Enthusiasm

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some of my favorite comics 23

Mighty Crusaders #13 is another childhood yard sale buy, and it introduced me to Archie's universe of heroes.  As listeners of the podcast know, I'm a fan of these characters (especially in the 1960s series), and Archie is once again bringing the Mighty Crusaders back in 2012.  This comic was so intriguing to me at the time because it was full of colorful, old-timey heroes.  It was drawn in an older style thanks to Dick Ayers pencils, which I enjoyed.  As I said, it was colorful, but in such a way that the colors were full, bright, and fun.  I even loved the lettering stlye by Bill Yoshida.  There was a main story, which the cover advertised, and a back-up story focusing on The Fox by the same creative team.  This was the last issue of this particular series, but I've always been on the lookout for the first twelve issues, of which I own about half as of this writing.  Despite it looking like a kid-targeted series, you can bet I'll be giving the new Archie series a try.

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