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The Cinematic Attic

This is a placeholder for the link to The Cinematic Attic:

There you will find all my movie-related podcasts and blog content.

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The Cinematic Attic returns to its own page

That's right, folks.  I have revived the separate libsyn page for The Cinematic Attic.  Why?  As much as I didn't want to realize it, my interest in film has become almost equal to my interest in comics.  I have a lot of great ideas for new movie podcasts, youtube vids, and other content.  It just feels right for me to have a page devoted to lots of comic podcasts, a page for all the movie podcasts, and a page for a variety of other podcasts.  The trinity of Mike, if you will.

I am in the process of migrating all the Cinematic Attic content that was exclusive to The Attic of Babel page to its rightful home,  As the items are moved, I will be deleting them from The Attic of Babel page.

If all the content moving of the past year has confused and frustrated anyone, I apologize.  I think this will finally straighten it all out.

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The Comic Book Attic #126

In this episode, I talk about Nightveil #5 as well as recent finds and mail order goodies.  There's also a Doc Savage addendum and a report of comic books sighted in a grocery store (in 2010!  Not a dream!  Not a hoax!  Not an imaginary story!). (18:17)

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