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The Comic Book Attic #62

This episode:  I cover some recent finds, and I talk about 10 of my favorite heroes.  (30:31)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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The Comic Book Attic #61

Transformers Special Part 2 (of 2).  I talk about Marvel's Transformers #14-25.  Also, a few short words about the 2nd Fantastic Four movie.  Finally, a song.  (21:45)  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.

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Rather than go into this on an episode, I'll use my underused blog.  What is my updated pull list?  For those of you who care, there are currently only 4 books on it-- soon to be 3.
Last time I updated you on my pull list (in an podcast episode), I was hanging on to the AC Comics book Men of Mystery.  As much as I am willing to pay $9.95 per issue for great golden age reprints, I can't.  There are so many other books I can get for ten bucks.  Heck, at the one used comic shop (the "happy magic" one I talk of), I can get a real golden age comic for ten bucks.  I know AC probably doesn't have the funding to offer a lower price, and that's why I'm willing to pay it.  However... I can't do it when I'm trying (key word "trying") to stay somewhere within a budget...
As I stated the last time I revealed my pull list, Marvels were being sacrificed.  It's no secret that since the end of Civil War, I have been displeased with Marvel's direction.  I find it difficult to like or identify with many of the heroes anymore.  The only regular Marvel title that I've been still picking up even though I said I wouldn't is Captain America out of morbid curiosity of what will happen next.  But I don't have Captain America on my pull list anymore; the only Marvel title still on the list is Astonishing X-Men, which is ending soon anyway (at least with Joss writing).
So the other three that are currently on my list are all DC books: Countdown, Justice Society of America, and The Brave and the Bold.  I must exclaim that for the first time in my life-- in almost 30 years of comic reading-- DC is my read of choice.  I've always loved and read DC, but I was a Marvel kid growing up.  So, this is an interesting place to be.
I have been trying to sample new Marvel books again, though.  I picked up World War Hulk #1.  It was very exciting, and I may continue that one...
However, this past year has seen me shift to buying almost all older comics.  So, all the different shops and stores that sell me comics can't complain 'cause they still get my money...more than should be spent, usually...
So that's my pull list.  Pretty meager.  I'm usually digging through the bins and boxes instead.  Always looking for the great finds that have been rescued from someone's comic book attic...

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Hi, all.  As I have mentioned in the show, I'll be going to Oklahoma for 2 weeks.  We'll be leaving next week.  My plan is to keep all you die-hards stocked up with shows.  I've already posted (not long after 58 & 59) episodes 0 and 60.  Before I go, I hope to post 61 & 62.  All told, there probably won't be another show for almost 3 weeks.  Hopefully, you'll stock up with these.  ...Or sample some older shows.
Episodes 61 and 62 will probably be 20-25 minutes, with 61 finishing up the Transformers feature and 62 being whatever it will be. 

More June reads:
32. World War III #1
33. World War III #2
34. World War III #3
35. World War III #4  (I know, technically these four issues had subtitles in the indicias, but I thought that was silly, so I'm going to ignore them.)
36. Showcase #102
37. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #3
38. The Star Brand #12
39. R.E.B.E.L. '95 #11
40. World War Hulk #1
June's 40 is achieved...

Also, here's the link to Jess Nevins's site on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen footnotes, as mentioned in episode 0.

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The Comic Book Attic #60

Transformers Special part 1 (of 2)!  After covering recent buys, I talk about Marvel's Transformers #1-11 & 13 (#12 was covered in the past).  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  (29:23)

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The Comic Book Attic #0

Special Zero episode!  This episode is a compilation of unread emails, recommendations, my segment from Comics Podcast Crossover 13, a collage of all the "hidden tracks," and a song.  All cover images are copyright their respective copyright holders.  (39:37)

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some of my favorite comics 10

Superboy #149.  Another Superboy comic that I got as a kid at a yard sale.  This one was extra special because of the Bonnie and Clyde angle.  It sports one of a number of covers Neal Adams drew for the series.  This issue contained two stories, one new and one reprint from Adventure Comics.  I don't remember much about the plots of the stories since it's been probably 20 years since I last read it, and it is stored away so I can't readily look.  Honestly, though, this is a favorite merely because it was one of my first comics.  It did well to serve my lifelong liking of old Superboy stories.  It's funny how that works, isn't it?

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some of my favorite comics 9 This 1982 Amazing Spider-man giveaway comic was one of my first comics given to me at my dentist's office.  In partnership with Aim toothpaste, Marvel published this tale of Spidey vs. Doc Ock vs. toothaches.  Dentistry and a battle ensues in "Crisis at Cape Canaveral!"  I read this over and over when I was a kid.  I didn't care that it was a comic meant to help sell toothpaste because the advertising didn't drive the story like those old Hostess ads (which were great 'cause they were short and odd).  This was a comic that would entertain kids and give them an incentive to go to the scary dentist...
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I like
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I was listening to directly downloaded episodes from the site, and I noticed that the last 3-4 seconds are cut off the ends of the episodes.  That wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the fact that I put "hidden" bits at the end of many episodes.  Does anyone else notice this?  Does this happen from iTunes also?  Other podcatchers?  Let me know.

More June reads:
30. Countdown #46
31. Alias #1

Next episode will actually be episode #0!  Before I do the 60th episode feature on Transformers, I will be making a 0 episode.  Consider it a B-sides and rarities episode.  Nothing special, but anytime I have a non-traditional show or a show that compiles random and extraneous stuff, I will be going backward into negative numbers.  That side of the number line is sadly unappreciated...

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