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The Comic Book Attic #124

In this episode, I go over vacation comic book finds and talk about The Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly #1. Yes, Jell-O Man.  (23:44)


Betty Paginated zine, latest issue #31 seen here.

Betty Paginated blog here.


New Dimension Comics

Photos of the immense back issue room at New Dimension Comics here and here.




Three videos taken during my 2nd visit to Geppi's Entertainment Museum:

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The half I've read, stored away:

The half I haven't read, strewn about my house during sorting:

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photos from Geppi's 7
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photos from Geppi's 6

Ever hear those Pep comic buttons advertised during the Superman radio show?  Here they are...

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The Comic Book Attic #-19

In this episode, I talk about Young Allies #1. (16:13)

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Comics on Wheels #4

Comics purchased on June 16. Comic sorting. (7:39)

(The cover pic accompanying this episode is of a comic I bought a few weeks ago. I forgot to use this image then, but I'll use it now to promote a comic I love: Atomic Robo.)

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