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Spider-month Part 2 of 3: Spectacular Spider-Man #139

This was one of the first issues of Spectacular Spider-Man I bought off the racks myself.   I had been aggressively collecting comics for a short while when this issue came out, and Spider-Man comics weren’t part of my regular collecting list (with the exception of Marvel Tales, which I bought to read the older comics; older comics were my thing even then).  For whatever reason, I bought this issue. Could be that I had read a few issues of Spectacular Spider-Man from my friends and liked it?  Who knows?  I didn’t own hardly any issues of the title at this point.  This story drew me in, though.  The villain of Tombstone was so bad and nasty that he seemed like a real threat, especially to poor Joe Robertson.  I haven’t looked at this issue in years, but the art of Sal Buscema was the style I picture when I think of this title, just as I tend to picture Alex Saviuk when I think of Web of Spider-Man.  Another plus was the writing of Gerry Conway, who wrote many classic Spidey stories years before in Amazing Spider-Man. A fun time and a landmark reference point in my relationship with this title.

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