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This month, I’m focusing my sights on the web-flinging wall-hugger as I have been reading a lot of Spider-Man comics lately. I am preparing a Spider-Man-themed Far-Out Sounds from the Six-Panel Grid episode, and here (returning, finally) you'll receive three Some of My Favorite Comics entires that will be Spider-themed.

Spider-month Part 1 of 3: Web of Spider-Man #1

When I was a youngster, I remember beginning to go to the barber for the first time.  The first visit was, as I remember, rather frightening.  One fixture of the barber shop that helped eventually relax me and look forward to going was the supply of comics that were sitting in the bottom of a little stand, specifically put there to keep kids entertained.  These comics were well-read, and a few were coverless (I’m not sure if this issue in question could have been one of the coverless).  That’s where I first read Web of Spider-Man #1.  Also piled on this stand were issues of Whitman Disney comics, an issue of Captain America, an issue of Cloak and Dagger, and others.  Over the years since, I have gathered copies of all these into my collection, but one that stands out as a favorite is the first issue of Web.   I recall the story being so different from the other older Spidey stories I had read, plus there was the black costume, which was a strange new thing for me.  I remember this issue and the others in the stack stayed there for years, getting more and more worn and eventually disappearing as they either got thrown out or taken.  Years later, when I finally got my copy of Web of Spider-Man #1, I found it strange to hold a copy that wasn’t tattered and smelling of hair products and cigarettes…

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