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Comic Book Attic Extra #2

In this extra episode, I talk about moving, my new love of Batman comics, and Avenging Spider-Man.  (15:45)

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The Comic Book Attic #135

In this shorter episode, I give some thoughts on the current DC and talk about my local Black Friday comic sale. (18:09)

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New episode coming soon with my Black Friday finds.

Meanwhile, I found this series of hilarious commercials on YouTube advertising a comic shop's Black Friday sale.  Check it out with the link below.

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The Comic Book Attic #134

In this short episode, I talk about Sgt. Rock #370.  (14:08)

I hope everyone has a great Halloween.

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I am still here.  I have a new, albeit short, episode recorded, and it will be out soon.  If not sooner, look for it on Halloween.  I recently got a new computer, and I am trying to improve my recording sound quality.  We'll see how that goes.  In the meantime, here's a trailer for something interesting:

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I had never heard of this 1994 short film until today.  I have to admit that it's pretty awful.  Nevertheless, here it is...

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The Comic Book Attic #133

In the delayed 5th anniversary episode of the podcast, I talk about recent back issue purchases, relate my experiences at the Baltimore Comic Con (including my moment with Stan Lee), give my thoughts on the DC restart, and review The Mighty Crusaders #4 from 1966.


Don't forget to check out the Kirby Your Enthusiasm podcast and the DC Noise podcast.

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stan lee

I present to you a photo taken at the Baltimore Comic Con of Stan Lee and me.  There were two other friends in the picture, but I cropped them out just in case they didn't want their images out there.  If you want to see the full picture, find me on Facebook.

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First, I wanted to let listeners know that I am still here and recording.  July has been a challenging month for personal matters. 

Second, I wanted to relate a personal best.  Last month (June), I set myself another 100 comics reading goal, and actually hit 142.  To my knowledge, this is the most I've ever read in a month.

Finally, the 5th anniversary of The Comic Book Attic is approaching, and this time, I want to put together a big episode (which for me means about an hour).  This may actually end up being the next episode, so look for it on or around August 11.


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The Comic Book Attic #132

In this episode, JJ and I discuss back issues purchased on a recent buying trip to New Dimension Comics and Laurel Mountain Comics.  Also, I review Amazing Spider-Man #274.  (41:22)

Link to a picture of the back issue room at New Dimension Comics: CLICK ME AND SEE!

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