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Comics on Wheels #2

Here is the second episode, a week late.  I had to wait for account space to free up.  JJ joins me in this quick run down of what I bought last week. (7:25)

The cover image this episode is from an older comic in my collection.  I thought it might be fun to sometimes post car-related covers of comics in my collection for Comics on Wheels.

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The Comic Book Attic #123

My 200th podcast!  New finds (with JJ).  Comic book numbering.  Doc Savage's comic career, with a focus on his short-lived Marvel's 1970's series, as I look at Doc Savage #5 and #7.  Finally, my visit to Geppi's Entertainment Museum.  (36:38)

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Comics on Wheels #1

The former "Drive Home from the Comic Shop" segment from the negative-numbered episodes gets its own podcast.  I talk about my May 12th purchases.  (16:05)

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Found on YouTube... the newscaster isn't funny...

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photos from Geppi's 5

Detective Comics #27...

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photos from Geppi's 4

Action well as Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #1...

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photos from Geppi's 3
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photos from Geppi's 2
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photos from Geppi's 1
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I started taking a rather crappy video that I abandoned after a minute:

Watch this official video instead:

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