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While you are waiting for a new comic book podcast from me (one of which is currently recorded, but in several unedited pieces), you can hear my review of Reagan's Raiders #1 from Solson Comics on Podcast X episode 199.  You will also find a review of issue #2 by the host of Podcast X, T. Mafia.  Check it out.  It's easily one of the most godawful comics I've ever read.

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Frazetta album cover

I picked up this 1965 comedy album for a quarter.  I was surprised to find that the cover artist credited was Frank Frazetta, famed fantasy and comic artist.  Turns out he drew the heads on the chess pieces.  I will never cease to be amazed at what curiosities one can find by accident...

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I actually own this on VHS.  Thanks to the individual who posted it on YouTube.

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Just checking in.  Next episode will have an important announcement.  In the meantime, I reached a personal best of reading 200 comics in the month of December.  I've also started (finally) transferring my unread boxes of comics into drawerboxes to match the half of the collection I have read.  Sometimes this wonderful hobby can be dreadfully expensive...

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I have a new episode recorded, and it will be posted soon.  I'll be recording another episode talking about comics I read this past month of September.  I beat my personal record (of 142) for comics in one month by reading 153.  I know, I know, some of you may read more than that in a month regularly, but it is a chore for me to find the time usually.

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August 11 marked the 6th anniversary of The Comic Book Attic.  I will record an episode soon, folks.  Meanwhile, I found these documentaries available on YouTube (at least for now) that you might enjoy:

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I have had quite a month.  I moved over New Year's and finally got everything unpacked and arranged last week. I've also gotten sick a few times during and since moving.  With any luck, I hope to get back to podcasting soon.  I have a few episodes of various podcasts recorded; I just need the editing time. Until later...

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