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some of my favorite comics 14 West Coast Avengers vol.2 #20.  This was the first issue of this series that I bought new off the stands.  I've probably mentioned this comic before on the podcast, but this Steve Englehart scripted tale was part 4 of a lost-in-time storyline for the team.  Different members of the team were lost in different time periods and interacting with other Marvel characters from those time periods.  Great stuff-- but then again, I'm a sucker for time travel stories.  I remember asking my family to pick this one up for me when I was 9 years old.  They brought it home from a Sheetz convenience store, ready to be devoured by my eager comic-reading eyes.
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some of my favorite comics 13 Ew.  Icky.  Love stuff.  Although the cover was a little overboard with all the happy hearts, the tale inside was a bit better.  When I read Superman #12 as a youngster, I don't think I knew that this was a post-Crisis re-telling of the Lori Lemaris story.  The story of early love for Superman was a sad one, and the, tale had a twist.  I originally bought this comic as part of a 3-pack of Superman issues at either a K-Mart or a now defunct local chain called Gee Bee Department Stores.  This issue was part of John Byrne's run that began the post-Crisis Superman.
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