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Yet another comic creator has passed away.  Mike Wieringo died this past week, and he died far too young at 44.
While it seems that a lot of creators died during the first year of this podcast, I have to wonder if it just seems that way because I have been keeping account here on the blog, whereas I did not before.  Regardless, it's never a happy thing to ponder.

August reads continued:
2. Justice Society of America #8 (2007)
3. The Incredible Hulk #109 (2007)
4. Countdown #38 (2007)
5. Countdown #37 (2007)
6. Mystic Arcana #1 (2007)
7. Going Home (Cerebus vol.13)
8. Marvel Two-in-One Annual #3 (1978)

Somewhat behind my 30-read goal this month (I'm back to 30 comics as my monthly goal).  This is a terribly busy month at work, plus I'm helping my wife prepare for the move to Boston.  Oh, and the above Cerebus volume took a looooong time to get through because I MUST always read the extensive notes in the back of the volume...

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