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Wed, 23 January 2008 Welcome to The Cinematic Attic
H'lo. To those of you who listen to my main podcast, The Comic Book Attic, thanks for trying this one too. To everyone else, nice to meet you. The plan and details concerning this podcast will be covered in the upcoming episode #0; however, I expect it to be a twice-monthly podcast all about cult movies, B-movies, explotation movies, arthouse movies, and all other older, obscure adventures in genre film. The Cinematic Attic blogpage will be (I hope) an active place too, with lots of info and lists of films I've seen (with comments). Thanks, Mike Pindell

Mon, 17 March 2008 update
Hi, folks. It looks like the usual frequency of this podcast will be monthly, so I will try to make the shows longer or split a longer show into two shorter ones. Episode 2 will be out by the end of March. Now that my internet service has returned, I also plan to have The CA on iTunes by the end of the month. Meantime, give my favorite movie podcast a try: Mondo Movie. You can also try Movie Noise (and Cinerama) and Cinemaslave.

Mon, 19 May 2008 I've been YouTubed. I feel icky inside.
Here's a link to a one of my friend JJ's YouTube vids that features yours truly:

Nothing special, but I thought it might be fun to see my surprise at suddenly being told I'm well-maintained... what does that mean, anyway?!

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Originally published 2/9/08

An introduction to the podcast. (10:26)

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Here, for the sake of archiving it, is the first demo version of The Comic Book Attic podcast, originally posted to and later re-edited and officially released on The Comic Book Attic libsyn page. You can also hear this episode included as part of The Comic Book Attic #-1 episode. (21:11)

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Comics of My Youth Part 7 of 100.  A stroll through The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe vol. 2 #14, 15, 17-20.  (See episode #137 for talk about #16) (42:41)

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The debut of a new, longer podcast full of reviews and a variety of other items.  In this episode is a look at Superman #362, 364, 365; Blaze: Legacy of Blood #4; Amazing Spider-Man #319, 320; Avengers #165-169; and The Sandman (1974) #1.  Also, I talk about what I enjoy concerning legacy and loyalty in comics.  Plus, three songs.  (1:17:44)

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This time out, we're looking at The Eager Beaver Space Book #1. (13:43)

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Comics of My Youth Part 6 of 100.  Looking back at New Mutants #38, 44-47.  (26:18)

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that this week's episode will be late, so there will be two episodes for you next week.  In CBA #156, I'll have a look at some issues of New Mutants.


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Comics of My Youth Part 5 of 100.  I talk about The Man of Steel #1-6.  (25:26)

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