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a couple weeks off

You may have noticed there's been no podcast in a couple weeks, and there may not be one for another week or so.  This has been for mainly two reasons:

1. I have changed jobs, and the time and energy consumed finishing at one job and starting the next (simultaneously!) has left me exhausted.

2. The "election."  I don't usually talk about politics on The Comic Book Attic, so I will leave that to the blog or one of my other podcasts; nevertheless, this recent presidential election was an utter disgusting disgrace.  The outcome has made me feel so sick and terrified for the future... and the thought of doing something fun like podcasting just isn't in me right now. 

Trump is a monster, and I could never support him.  All the talk of unity and moving on is silly because good people don't unite with villains.  Good people fight back against villains. 

I have refrained from mentioning this before because I didn't think he could possibly win, but DC Comics called it long ago when they based the post-Crisis Lex Luthor on a Trump-like business man

and eventually made him president.

But this comparison would be an insult to Lex Luthor, so I'll let that go...

Anyway, this madness has destroyed my faith in humanity quite a bit, so I haven't felt like engaging that same humanity with a podcast.  I'll return when my stomach stops churning.


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